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How can I pay for my insurance premiums?

  • We accept cash, checks, and money orders.   

Why did my insurance premium go up?

  • Any Claims filed
  • The company your policy is written with had a rate increase.
  • Any catastrophic event will cause a rate increase.   ex. hurricanes, floods

Is flood covered under my homeowners policy?

  • No, it is a seperate policy.

Do I need flood insurance if I do not live in a high risk flood zone?

Everyone is "technically" in a flood zone.  

  • Flood Zones B, C, and X are not considered high risk flood zones.  This does not mean it will never flood in this area.  There is always a chance.
  • Flood Zones A and V are considered high risk zones.  Lenders will require you to carry flood insurance.

Low Risk Doesn't Mean No Risk

Are my contents in an off site storage unit covered under my homeowners insurance policy?

  • Some homeowners policies extend to cover your contents.
  • Flood will not cover your contents in an off site storage building.  You will need to have a seperate flood policy for that.

I have sold my property, will my mortgage company inform my agent to cancel my policy?

No, you will need to call your agent to have your policy cancelled.  Mortgage companies will not contact your agent for any changes.

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